What we do

Drag and Drop​

Advanced Knowledge Engine

A platform for Integrated Risk Management.

An intuitive, easy to use cloud-based platform with specialized modules for
  • Information Security,
  • Data Privacy,
  • 3rd Party Supplier Security
  • and more…

Simply drag-and-drop to de-risk your business.

Drag-and-drop​ to define the risk posture best suited to your business needs.
The Spotica Platform autogenerates all of the complex artifacts required to understand and reduce your business risk.

Applying a unique approach to provide step-by-step advisories that guide both managers and technical specialists on what to do to reduce the risk
The Advisories in Spotica’ s digital CISO module is based on ISO 27 001, 27 701, ENISA, SCF, CIS Top20 and other industry standards, that enables you to manage risks proactively while setting you on the path towards certification

Spotica Features

Asset Containerization

Classify and categorize your Information Asset Inventory, identifying the confidentiality and importance thereof.

Contracts Register

A guided assembly to store and manage your Legal and Contractual obligations in a centralized repository.

Control-action Advisories

Step-by-Step Advisories that help identify Threats on your assets and contracts including the Controls required to mitigate them.

Issue Management

Track the Corrective Actions from audits and incidents to resolution and identify areas for continual improvement.

Treatment Tracking

Use the project management module to Plan and Track the Initiatives that implement the approved treatments required to meet objectives.

Advanced Analytics

Collect and visualize Operational Performance of the information security management system for assets and contracts gaining valuable Insight into the health of various postures through a single pane of glass.

Dynamic Risk Analysis

Identify and take the best course of action to manage your information security risks by utilizing our dynamic what-if analysis.

Automated Policies

Your core Information Security Policies are automatically generated for you while continuously being updated as your control landscape changes.

Task-flow Sequencer

Schedule and prioritize your Meetings and operational Tasks and then be automatically guided in sequence to complete them across the entire platform.

Spotica Data Enabled Features

Advanced Analytics

Data Insights are aggregated from across the global platform and show the best practice operational performance tolerance levels for the level of security implemented per category per industry.

Control-action Advisories

Advisories are enhanced with data from across the global platform to give real-time threat and control actions per asset type per industry as industry experts elevate the threat / control pairs across the platform.

Digital Auditor

The self-assessment of organization specific information security compliance against industry standards such as ISO-27001.

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