Integrated Risk Management

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“It is an easy to use product which makes the lives of managers or people responsible for IT security, easy and saves them a lot of time”

Financial Director, Pathology group

“I believe, Spotica covers all the areas of a company’s cyber structure and is easy to manage and leads one easily through the various processes and information required to populate the product with your company’s own information”

IT Manager, Large Hospital

“Easily the best software of its type I have seen! Genuinely!”

ISO Compliance and Audit Specialist

Great value in getting a list of the threats with controls to mitigate, but the bonus is in getting the how to implement the controls

Head of IT, University

The system allows us to effortlessly measure our critical 3rd Party vendors on their Security posture.

IT Manager, Manufacturing Plant

Board members are very aware of the cyber risks and security required; the system enables me to give them an ongoing snapshot of how we progress through this journey of remediation.

Head of IT, Textile Engineering

This is as a standard we follow and not us dreaming up work to do. It shows the business that we are doing the right things and moving in the right direction.

Head of IT, City Council

The systems helps us to determine the way forward and to make sure we know what we need to do next.

CFO, Transport Engineering