Amazingly Simple



Simply drag and drop to create an integrated risk posture suited to your business needs

Spotica is pre-configured with the comprehensive sets of industry specific assets, threats and controls.


Automatically Generates

At its core, the Spotica Knowledge engine algorithms create all the complex artifacts required to understand and reduce your risk

The platform not only creates artifacts like the Risk Register and Statement of Applicability, the various interactive dashboards also create detailed guides on how to implement the mitigating controls.


Flow Wizard

The advanced Spotica workflow engine drives timeous and accurate completion of all tasks through a highly intuitive user interface

The Platform at all times has a full understanding of the activities required to reduce the risk.

Spotica Benefits

Board IT Agenda

Guides the Board IT agenda.

Reduce Price

Reduce the requirement of using costly specialist engineers through intelligent association of the internal skills with embedded knowledge in the sophisticated core engine.

Gain Efficiences

Manage the organization on a standardised framework across the enterprise.

Next Generation Analytics

Enable critical decisions and actions to be taken through the use of Next Generation Analytics which provides valuable insights in real-time to the right people at the right time and at the right level.

Manage Performance

Simplify the integration / capturing of data by guiding the systems user’s tasks with a role-based workflow engine.

Improve Quality

Create efficiencies and improves quality within IT, including but not limited for the CIO and CISO. .

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